27th - 29th September: Let's eat together! A weekend that gathers people across the globe organized by you and your community to spark connections and meaning in your communities.
It's simple! Just pick a day in the weekend, pick a place and share it with friends and people you want to have a conversation with. 


IGNITE happens wherever there are inspired leaders to host the gatherings. 


Any time between the 27th & 29th 
September that the hosts finds most suitable

Get involved!

Everyone is welcome to participate in the way that they are excited about. You can host  / co-host a gathering or you can join in one that is being created.

What are the events like?

A simple potluck with your friends in your garden or an open space for exploring the calling question: "How can we make sense of what's happening in the world in a way that empowers us on an individual and collective level?"

“We just had an amaaazing vegan bbq with lots of friends in Beijing! 

We celebrated some bdays, a goodbye, the Ignite day, and shared

our appreciation for each other and for the city that connected us all!

It's been such a special time, so much to be remembered and celebrated! Thank you Beijing"

- Naryan, China 

We do not wish to add pressure to your hosting capabilities, a potluck is more than enough! 
If you have always want to coordinate a community-led day, then here is your chance...

a community gardening day

a skill-sharing day, or a repair cafe


The objective is to connect, ignite local actions in your community and most importantly -



Step-by-Step for hosting an event

If you have some extra time...