fostering more sustainable and vibrant communities around the world...


After 15 years educating more than 700 people from over 80 different countries to become a global network of leaders engaged in working towards sustainability, the team here at the Master´s in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability (MSLS) found ourselves asking:

"what kind of collective impact might we have if we activate our global network of alumni and like-minded people, to actively make their own unique context vibrant and more sustainable?" 


Our response was to power an online platform to invite our network - all of you - to act as sparks that simulateously IGNITE decentralized gatherings all over the world on the last weekend of September. This is IGNITE!

We know that it is only one event in one weekend and that one event alone won't come anywhere close to solving all our challenges. Yet we also know one day can be a SPARK...


...for starting new connections and initiatives.

...for celebrating our communities.

...and for renewing our energy to take the next steps in building more sustainable and vibrant communities across the world. 

Here are some stories of what ignited last year:

"We had a very chill meetup at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. It was awesome to meet Oskar, who had recently moved to Toronto after graduation. He loved the space so much, he started volunteering there! Now I bump into him all the time :)"  Tim, Canada 


"We shared experiences and ideas on what are the structures and mechanisms which enables collaboration and also what it is in our society today that hinders us to collaborate in creating a better world. There were a lot of engagement and examples from our local warmest thank you for inspiring us to step into the community together!! I felt the global energy and the others also were very touched by the fact that we were all connected through the same event and common questions." Anna, Finland

"[We] united around the table and had long conversations about all sorts of things including poverty and tourism, education and presencing states, recycling in big cities, happiness at work, cultures and some other stuff! Thank you all who came and the globe family that inspired us sending your pictures! It made us feel like we were all together at the same table!”  Ana Carolina, Brazil

When we look at all the challenges in the world today, it can seem overwhelming. As we know, nothing changes if you don't work to change it - and we think why not at least have some fun together trying, right?! What is the quote we always bandy around? 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead 


Simple, right? All you need to do is click here to be involved. Then, you can see if there is a gathering happening near you and if not, create your own!



The team and some thank you's

This idea was born at the MSLS headquarters in Karlskrona through its PR rockstar Zand Craig (MSLS 2012) and from there it spread like fire. Ana Carolina Rodrigues and Raquel Viggiani, both MSLSers (2014), took on the challenge to coordinate the platform for broadcasting the invitation and did that by gathering pointviews from family, friends and whoever was willing to hear about this new project. On this path, they received the support of friends from all over who helped to shape the IGNITE´s concept, name and formats. This wouldn't have happened without them! 


Stratleade (network of MSLS Alumni) coordinated by Archie had an essential participation by dreaming together about what this all could be and sharing important learnings about engagement.


For building this platform, we also gathered inspiration from different engagement projects such as and Street Feast and got amazed by how many great things they are offering to the world. 


The visual identity was made in partnership with Reverte - creativity from the essence; and it represents the spark that these gatherings can create for building the reality that we all want for our communities and planet. The vibrant colors represent the diversity of people that we are going to have in the gatherings together with the energy created by connection towards action.



IGNITE will respect your privacy. We will not share your information with anyone else. There are no companies involved in IGNITE looking for your details. Your information is needed purely to keep in touch with you about IGNITE. We promise never to plague you with emails, we will only send you updates when needed. For full details how we protect your information please read our privacy policy.



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