With this question calling all of us to the table, people from around the world will gather for a potluck on the last weekend in September 2019 to share dialogue, igniting possible connections for more vibrant and connected communities.


“What a special day, this Ignite day! On this part of the globe the conversations were around how to collaborate with kids from the Amazonas and Tapajós river to help communities better relate to the water and take better care of it in benefit of themselves and the planet. #‎igniteday2015 #‎waterschools” - Raquel, Brazil

Here are the steps for organizing your gathering the simplest way:

What can we offer?

We will do our best to provide support for you to host your super duper potluck! This includes facilitating communication among hosts, providing this website for registering and holding information about the gatherings around the globe and availability from our coordinating team if you have any doubts. We cannot though provide funds for local gatherings.


What happens after?

This event has the chance to form a group of conversations, actions and friends to gather around the topics that came up during IGNITE. The ripple effect, the shared interest, the seed planted may not come to sprout for a while, but persevere and trust it will. 

Follow up, nudge 'em! It is up to the groups energy to keep the fire alive. Remember to share the insights, the pictures and keep the conversation going with those who participated in the local events!




  • Understand how much time and energy you have to put into this project;

  • Remember you can dream big. You could take this as an opportunity to create great future projects, or to meet new friends and cool people in a safe setting to have a chat about things that matter for your region;

  • Discuss the goals for your meet-up; 

  • Decide upon a time and location. Ideal locations are easily accessible by public transit, walking, or bicycling and have enough space. Try reaching out to schools, community centers, or even someone’s home will work, we also suggest public spaces such as parks and squares.


Reaching out!

Make a plan of who to invite and how to reach them. Be intentional about getting as diverse and representative a group there as possible. Making the invitation personal is always a good way to go! Maybe record a fun video of you and your friends calling people out?  Remember you don't have to do this alone - together is always better! :) 


This is also a great chance and excuse to get in touch with people who are doing or willing to do great things in your region. We recommend reaching for local (online and offline) hubs where these people circulate: cafés, coworking spaces, Facebook, local social enterpreneurship groups, etc. Often an old-fashioned poster grab people's attention, and is the best trigger to remind people. As the marketing mantra goes, you need to something seven times before someone will take action. Get postingI

Old Poster template

Designing the process:

We encourage you to do the 3 F’s: fun, fast and free!

  • Have clear goals you want to achieve from the gathering. It could be from getting to know and connecting to new people in your community interested in sustainability to just figuring out what first action you want to take together. It's up to you. Also decide who you want to make sure is present, how you’d like to run the meet-up in the most exciting and appropriate way for your community, and how you plan to follow up.

  • Design your agenda to make sure you achieve your goals in the time frame you have available

  • People are more willing to talk when they’re fed, and people share ideas while sharing food. You can encourage people to bring some sort of food or drink. 

  • There are many cool processes that can help to reach results that considers the diverse points of view. Here are some of them for you to get inspired: World Café | ABCD | Open Space.

  • Depending on the format of the event, you can also create some complementary activities such as a storytelling walk, games, sports, 


Facilitation tips:

Thankfully, experts have put together some free helpful toolkits so you do not need to reinvent the wheel... and can learn how to facilitate gatherings:

 Community Tool Box 

 Hyper Island Tool Box

**This material was inspired by 350.org guidelines and streetfeast.ie

If you have some extra time ...


You are really passionate about the subject and have some extra time to put in organizing this gathering? That's great!


Here are some tips for you to organize a kick-ass gathering!

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